Best Hard Case Golf Travel Bags in 2022

Just imagine planning a last-minute golf trip that requires you to take the entire equipment along. Nothing can be better than a vacation with your loved ones and play along the course that’s beyond your excitement level, right?

But wait! The excitement lasts until you think about the travelling aspect. Here the best hard case golf travel bags got your back.

Remarkably, hard case golf travel bags are second to none in providing exclusively great protection to your golf-related gear no matter where you travel. You have to keep the gold clubs protected, and it’s only possible with the right hard case travel bag. Sounds impressive, right?

At a Glance:

The foremost thing that keeps you stress-free while travelling is the right travel bag. Therefore, invest in getting a premium quality travel bag to get the maximum benefits. These travels bags will hold your entire golf accessories depending on the size you plan to choose.

Quick Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered how CaddyDaddy has made a unique name in the golf world by manufacturing breathtaking hard case golf travel bags? What about the premium quality ensured by Himal? You cannot neglect the aesthetics and performance provided by Samsonite. All models are no more an exception when it comes to quality.

With plenty of models available, getting the best cart golf bags 2022 that suit you perfectly is pretty challenging. Isn’t it confusing? No worries; our guide will help you get the maximum out of it. You have to consider a few essential factors before choosing the right hard case golf travel bag. Follow up the guide below.

Durability: The foremost thing to consider is durability. That’s because only a durable bag can withstand the circumstances of being thrown within the compartments and deal with huge luggage that can cause significant wear and tear to your golf clubs.  Are you getting it? Soft case bags can get damaged quickly than hard case travel bags. They are specially designed to protect your sticks against external handling. As a result, choose the bag that’s fully durable to meet your needs.

Hard Case vs Soft Case: Generally, the main difference between choosing a hard case or a soft case depends on your travelling needs. Typically, a person travelling by air recommends a hard case travel bag because it provides excellent protection and keeps your things in place. Have you seen the above golf travel bags hard shell? That’s how a hard case travel bag functions to support you.

However, soft cases are easier to handle and are pretty affordable and compact to travel occasionally. Whenever you decide which golf bag will suit you the best, consider every aspect in detail.

Mobility: When it comes to golf bags, the wheel system matters a lot. Many golf travel bags feature a wheel system enabling you to move it reliably over the parking lot, airport and any surface hassle-free. To be honest, hard case bags are easier to move as they are rigid than soft shell models available on the market. If you desire to get high mobility, look for effective wheel systems.

Are wheels wider? Or they are narrowly designed? Do wheels are small or large? Consider everything! Choosing a wider base with exclusively big wheels is effortless to move, particularly at the airport.

Price: Lastly, consider the price requirements. Price varies whenever choosing a golf travel bag. It’s all up to you which bag you want to choose. But wait! Choosing the bag that costs you a hefty amount isn’t always the right choice. Look down into the features before making a purchase. Keep a balance between cost and quality to make your choice worth it. Our models mentioned above are pretty affordable to meet your requirements.

After hours of research and considering expert’s advice, we have successfully rounded up the seven best quality golf travel bags to enhance your travelling experience while keeping the airline requirements in mind. All models are a perfect blend of durability and reliability combined. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get right into our top picks!

Best Hard Case Golf Travel Bags – Our Top Picks

AwardDesignGolf EquipmentRetailer
Best Overall
Best PickCaddyDaddy Padded Golf Travel Bag
Check Price
Best budget-friendly
Budget PickHimal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag
Check Price
Best Sturdiness
Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case
Check Price
Best Storage
Staff PickOGIO Mutant Travel Cover
Check Price
Best Luxurious
Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian
Check Price
Best Aesthetics
Bag Boy Golf T-10 Top Travel Cover
Check Price
Best Design
Golf Travel Bags Caravan Travel Covers
Check Price

CaddyDaddy Padded Golf Travel Bag

Best Pick
CaddyDaddy Padded Golf Travel Bag
CaddyDaddy Padded Golf Travel Bag
Colorblack/ navy
Dimensions27.56 x 18.9 x 14.57 inches

Here we go with our top pick! CaddyDaddy’s top-line golf travel bag with innovative design and high-end construction making it an excellent option. Explicitly designed to provide high-grade stability and performance, no doubt. Let’s consider in detail what this golf travel bag offers!

Firstly, it’s a cost-effective option that won’t cost you a hefty amount. Moreover, it is better for both auto and air travel. That’s because it protects the golf equipment significantly. For instance, it also includes riveted handles for effortless transport featuring nylon and rubber padding. The in-line stake wheels add more to the smooth movement.

Besides this, it comes with 1800D fabric material with efficient padding to protect golf clubs. You can keep the bag intact while travelling with the most accessible cinch straps integrated inside and outside. The plus point is that it can accommodate additional gear within the oversized pockets and lockable zippers.


  • Ever-lasting quality
  • Spacious and roomy
  • Durable and sturdy
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Lacks adequate padding

Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Budget Pick
Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag
Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag
Dimensions15 x 13 x 50 inches

Are you a casual traveller who doesn’t want to invest much in getting a highly-priced golf travel bag? If yes, nothing is better than a Himal golf travel bag that features everything you need in a golf travel bag. Let’s find out together what the bag comes with!

Consider the construction! It features a 600D polyester oxford that’s ultra-durable and protects the golf clubs significantly. With a lightweight design, it fits every golfer requirement. That’s because the bag is spacious enough to accommodate clubs, shoes and much more.

What’s more? Have you seen the innovative zippers designed for several uses? Trust me; it’s fantastic. This travel bag comes with soft cushioning and convenient carrying handles. In addition to this, the Velcro handles are particularly useful at the airport, along with high-quality wheels for effortless transport.


  • Heavy-duty and durable carrying handle
  • Additional shoe pocket
  • High-end material construction
  • Lightweight design


  • Lacks warranty information

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case
Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case
MaterialABS shell
Dimensions12 x 16 x 54 inches

Here comes the latest iteration of the Samsonite golf travel bag exclusively designed to provide high-quality support and protection. What makes this travel bag different? Let’s dive into the details to know more!

Let’s talk about the material! This travel bag crafts ABS shell that’s lightweight and sturdy to protect the golf clubs from external damage during a flight. Furthermore, it also comes with a great padded interior containing additional foam cushioning to protect golf clubs correctly. Sounds great, right?

For instance, to make the travelling process effortless, it comes with four durable multi-directional wheels and two effective in-stake wheels. Lastly, the compressions straps add more to the protection, no doubt.


  • Incredibly sturdy and stable
  • Multi-directional premium wheels
  • High-end material construction
  • Improved golf clubs protection


  • The travel bag isn’t much durable

OGIO Mutant Travel Cover

Staff Pick
OGIO Mutant Travel Cover
OGIO Mutant Travel Cover
ColorGreen jungle
Dimensions18.1 x 13 x 21 inches

OGIO is right here with its dynamite innovation in the golfing world. This Mutant travel bag with brilliant storage deserves to be one of the top picks for its functionality. Here’s why OGIO is a viable option!

When it comes to packing golf-related gear, you require additional space, and there is no doubt about it. The spacious compartment can store full gear at once. Moreover, the completely padded and oversized compartment will keep things organized.

You will find an integrated cinch-down strap to keep the clubs protected with easy access. The reinforced base is sturdy and durable, with protective rails to deliver optimal performance. The oversized wheels provide exceptional movement.


  • Padded and premium material
  • Roomy interior for additional storage
  • Brilliant and aesthetic color
  • Extensive wheel system


  • Nothing yet

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian
Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian
BrandSun Mountain

Are you a pro-level golfer who cannot afford to take a risk when it comes to protecting their golf clubs? If so, consider Sun Mountain’s latest golf travel bag with aesthetic and remarkable construction. Let’s dig a little deeper!

This golf travel bag features two zippers that ensure effortless holding. Other than this, the heavy-duty cinch straps integrated inside can keep the golf bag secure. You don’t need to load and unload the bag while using it. That’s a significantly valuable advantage.

Have you checked the leg mechanism? It’s ideally retracted and extends to ensure easy movement. The durable pivoting wheels promote superb manoeuvrability. All these features make it an ideal ladies golf bag with wheels due to its effortless handling.


  • High-end protection
  • Incredibly sturdy and versatile
  • Many color options are available
  • Practical and luxurious design


  • No additional storage
  • A bit costly

Bag Boy Golf T-10 Top Travel Cover

Bag Boy Golf T-10 Top Travel Cover
Bag Boy Golf T-10 Top Travel Cover
BrandBag Boy
Dimensions12.25 x 55.75 x 13.15 inches

Bagboy has got an excellent reputation within the golfing world and has been known for years. This latest bag boy’s golf travel bag is proficient enough to enhance the golfer’s experience. Let us take you deeper into the features!

Let’s talk about durability! It features 600D polyester and high-end fabric. That’s beneficial in keeping the inside hard with an ABS top that’s crush-resistant to promote maximum protection.  It features efficient handling over the ABS top to enjoy traveling.

Moreover, the full-wrap and lockable zipper ensure easy access with effective packing. Such compact storing features, right? Don’t forget to consider the high-grade in-line wheels that promote easy movement. Isn’t that something golfers crave the most? The durability and practicality make it a great option.


  • High-end club protection
  • Premium quality material
  • Durable and in-stake wheels
  • Decent storage options


  • Zipper breaks easily

Golf Travel Bags Caravan Travel Covers

Golf Travel Bags Caravan Travel Covers
Golf Travel Bags Caravan Travel Covers
Dimensions51″ x 14″ x 11″

Lastly, we have on our list another innovative golf travel bag by Caravan that will not disappoint you. It ensures durability and practicality goes hand in hand. Let’s consider the prominent features this bag comes with!

Consider the construction! It features 600D polyester material that’s strong and reliable to provide maximum protection. The security straps add more to the performance, no doubt. There is a tie-down strap designed to protect the bag.

Furthermore, it comes with a padded top, and that’s something proficient to ensure high-end performance.  With recessed additional storage pockets, it keeps the golf gear in place. The wheel system is incredibly luxurious, and in-stake wheels offer enhanced mobility. Have you seen the comfortable rubber handle? It’s no more an exception.


  • Highly secure straps
  • Brilliant design and aesthetics
  • Five vibrant colors are available
  • Good value for money
  • Two-years warranty


  • Not follows every airline’s requirements


Nothing is better than packing up your golf-related gear and hit up the rod to play the world’s best golf courses, seriously. But wait! Whenever you plan such a trip, the first thing that comes to mind is how to take your golf equipment along with you. Here the best hard case golf travel bag steps into the game to save you. These are convenient to travel with an ultimately versatile wheel system and high-end durability, no doubt.

Do you love mixing drivers and irons? If yes, keeping the clubs safe is a vital aspect. Although it looks more like a hassle, it’s worth it.  Getting the right travel bag is quite easy and affordable to provide golfers with open new opportunities them. Our list includes some highly proficient gold travel bags that can enhance your experience. Here’s our top recommendation!

CaddyDaddy Padded Golf Travel Bag is an amalgam of brilliant design and high-grade durability without costing you a hefty amount. With a spacious storage area and smooth moving wheels, this travel bag deserves to be on top of our list. The one-year limited warranty adds more to the versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best golf carry bags?

Best hard case golf travel bags are designed to protect your clubs and keep them secure during transport, no matter how rugged the terrain or how extreme the conditions. When you’re traveling with your clubs, there’s nothing more important than finding a bag that can keep them safe and in great condition.
Whether you need something for professional tournaments or just for weekend getaways, these are the best hard case golf travel bags on the market today.
From well-known brands like Titleist and Callaway to more niche companies like Caddy Daddy and Bag Boy, there’s a hard case golf travel bag to suit every need.

Does a golf club fit in a suitcase?

Golf clubs can absolutely be packed in a suitcase, as long as you have the right type of suitcase. The best type of suitcase for packing golf clubs is a hard case. Hard cases protect your clubs from getting damaged during travel. They also make it easy to pack everything in one place.

What is the standard size of a golf bag?

A golf bag is typically a rectangular box with a top opening. The normal size of a golf bag is about 10 inches wide, approximately 26 to 36 inches long, and about 12 to 14 inches high. It is usually made from leather or similar materials that can withstand the rough handling it receives when traveling via airplanes and other modes of transportation.

Do airlines charge extra for golf bags?

No, they don’t. Most airlines allow golf bags to be either checked on or carried on at no extra cost. However, it is important to check with your specific airline to ensure that their particular rules are met ahead of time so that you won’t have any problems during check in or boarding.

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