Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Golfing is undoubtedly a pleasurable sport, but it becomes daunting when the sun beats down directly on you during a hot day. That’s because sweat starts souring throughout your body, particularly from the hands. Here the best golf grips for sweaty hands are definitely an effective option to consider.

Remarkably, a golf grip is golfing equipment that you actually touch during a shot; that’s why choosing the right one is necessary. It is because the club slips off your hands whenever moisture makes its way here; the grips for sweaty hands will make your golfing adventure desirable.

At a Glance:

Unfortunately, many top brands are recognized for manufacturing premium quality golf grips that are a perfect blend of durability and reliability. Everything is combined when getting golf grips for different skill levels from features, design, and aesthetics. Sounds impressive, right? That’s genuinely fantastic in enhancing the performance.

The specific technology and all-weather grips are highly recommended when approaching to get you quality grips. Moreover, they also allow increased swing reliability and performance to get the best-in-class movement. Therefore, getting the perfect golf grips becomes a necessity for golfers when playing on a hot summer day.

After considering experts reviews and customers’ needs, we have successfully filtered seven top-quality golf grips with ultimately increased consistency and soft feel to enhance your overall game. These models are a perfect blend of reliability and durability, making them ideal for users. So without wasting any time, let’s get right into our top picks!

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands – Our Top Picks

AwardDesignGolf EquipmentRetailer
Best Overall
Best PickGolf Pride MCC Plus4
Check Price
Best Consistency
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip
Check Price
The best performance
Staff PickLamkin UTx Cord Golf Grips
Check Price
Best for enhancing the performance
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip
Check Price
Best Durability
Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip
Check Price
Best Convenience
Budget PickWinn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit
Check Price
Best Durability
Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit (13-Piece)
Check Price

Golf Pride MCC Plus4

Best Pick
BrandGolf Pride
Dimensions2.7 L x 3 W x 27.3 H

Here comes the latest iteration of Golf Pride’s top-line Golf grip that deserves to stand as our top pick because of its brilliant performance and innovative design. Golf Pride is a well-known brand allocated to manufacturing high-quality golf-related gear. What makes this golf grip different? Let’s find out together the exclusive features this grip offers!

Firstly, the grip comes with soft rubber material. The plus point is that it offers enhanced control and decreased tension with a more firm grip for better functionality. Moreover, it ensures reduced grip pressure and increased power; that’s no more an exception. The area is made with four wraps making the club more consistent, thereby improving your game immensely.

This Golf Pride grip offers standard size and tapered while maintaining a natural configuration. It makes it effortless for players to use the clubs, increasing their overall confidence. As a result, it ultimately leads to breathtaking power and durability, trust me. That’s what this grip provides!


  • Highly increased power
  • Eliminates tension
  • Ever-lasting quality
  • Comfortable to use
  • Effortless installation


  • A bit expensive

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip

BrandGolf Pride
Colorblack/ blue
Weight78 grams

Golf Pride is right here with its unique approach to making high-end models that ensure durability and affordability go hand in hand. They have been making quality models at reasonable prices for years. Sounds impressive, right? That’s beneficial for beginners and professionals. Here’s a guide to the features this golf grip provides!

This grip is genuinely an excellent example of Golf Pride’s practicality. Have you checked the control core durable stabilizer offered by this golf grip? Trust me; it’s exceptional in all manners. The large lower hand design provides an increased feel with improved design for better usage. These grips crafts jumbo design and are highly tacky to give players better club control either with sweaty hands.

You only have to choose size reliably as jumbo size is ideal for people with larger hands. Practice using these grips as they hold the club tightly, providing you improved greenside performance. These multi-features make it a suitable choice for both beginners and professionals. Sounds impressive, right?


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Soft and comfortable feel
  • Reliable in size
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Aesthetic construction


  • Size options are confusing

Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grips

Staff Pick
Hand orientationAmbidextrous

An extraordinary yet classy choice, LAMKIN has amazed the users with its practical and flawless functioning seriously. Moreover, this is one of the best golf club grips specially designed to enhance your performance at the greenside. What makes this golf grip easy-going and suitable for golfers? Let’s take a closer look at the versatile features!

Consider the all-weather design. Yes! This golf grip is capable of all-weather, offering an extraordinary performance even during wet weather. Other than this, the grips are also shock-absorbing, maintaining a decent balance among performance and consistency. Moreover, it’s a full-cord grip designed to use both in the rain and hot weather. Therefore it’s a great choice when looking for practicality and functionality combined.

And you know what? You can easily use this grip without wearing gloves, making it excellent for sweaty hands. The cotton fibers integrated into the grip works to pull the hand, ensuring that the connection stays throughout the game. The high-grade advanced cohesive elastomer technology keeps additional tackiness over the grip.


  • All-weather golf grip
  • Multiple colors available
  • Multi-material construction
  • Easier to use
  • Good value for money


  • Flashy design isn’t much reliable

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip

BrandGolf Pride
Hand orientationAmbidextrous

If you are looking for the most popular golf grips that will maximize your game without spending a hefty amount, Golf Pride has got your back. This versatile yet proficient golf grip is an ideal fit for you when searching for functionality and design. Finding it interesting? Let’s just jump in to see what more this heavy-duty golf grip provides!

With built-in aesthetic quality combined with superior tackiness, these multi-compound grips look super cool, no doubt. These grips are firm enough to stay solid for golf clubs while offering better shots compared to the competitors. The multiple color and size options make it more reliable for beginners to choose freely.

What’s more? The hybrid grip offers rubber material construction, making it durable and lasting for prolonged periods. The cord design crafts additional tackiness enhancing the performance. Have you seen the raised ridge it comes with? It ensures high-end consistency and a perfect alignment that’s a great deal for excellent golfing.


  • Ensures consistency and alignment
  • Different sizes available
  • Enhances the game greatly
  • Soft feel and durability
  • Reliable for beginners


  • Lacks hold to sweat

Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip

BrandGolf Pride
Hand orientationRight

Golf Pride has come up with another high-grade model to enhance your game. Believe it or not, this golf grip is an ideal one available with innovative design and lasting construction, no doubt. The plus point is the accuracy it provides to the golfers, thereby improving the performance. What else it offers? Well, let us show you this way!

The 100% rubber construction makes the golf grips ultra-durable and handy. That’s beneficial to use these grips for many rounds without worrying about the performance. It’s a popular midsize grip designed for larger hands, ensuring high-grade functioning. The best traction and connections with ultimately high-performing capabilities, seriously.

But wait! This grip offers a partial corded design integrated with rubber in a few areas. That’s excellent in assisting you to perform decently without slipping your hands. It also comes with a broad range of colors, allowing you to choose the one that perfectly suits the club. It holds up incredibly in normal conditions.


  • Excellent feel and grip
  • High-quality design for better functioning
  • It doesn’t beat up hands
  • Vibrant color options are available
  • Decent design


  • A bit costly

Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit

Budget Pick
No of pieces13 grips
ColorDark Gray

Winn is evidently the most innovative brand in the golf world. It offers cutting-edge technology to the customers at budget-friendly prices. Are you dealing with arthritis? If yes, this Dri-Tac Golf grip is one of the best golf grips for arthritic hands. That’s because of its practical design and exceptional performance, no doubt. What makes this golf grip different from others?

This Dri-Tac golf grip feels incredibly spongy and reliable, trust me. Surprisingly enough, it comes with excellent yet unique traction. Yes! You heard that right. When the grip becomes wet, even then, it doesn’t lose tackiness so that you can get a solid hold during the swing. That’s beneficial to the player as the grip doesn’t slip out of hands when making a shot.

Besides, it doesn’t allow the user to squeeze the club tightly whenever hitting the golf ball. The plus point is that it reduces strain on the hands, ideal for players with arthritis. Despite the playing condition, the grip holds tight with the slip-resistant feature that works effectively.


  • Ensures a tacky feel
  • Keeps dirt to a minimum
  • It holds up for a long time
  • Solid grip
  • Easy to use


  • Wear down easily

Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit (13-Piece)

ColorNavy Blue
Kit13 grips

Lastly, we have on our list another innovative yet durable model by Winn with an improved design combined with versatility. Winn is a renewed brand known for manufacturing premium golf grips that ensures practicality and performance goes altogether. What’s more? Let’s dig a little deeper to help you understand how it suits you perfectly!

Here we go with the material! The polymer material is outstanding in providing a tacky and high-end feel. That’s because it works best in all-weathers, either it’s a hot or rainy day. The polymer material is relatively more durable and sturdy to last longer. Have you wondered how Winn incorporated the spiral wrap design? It’s mainly designed to give a glove-like fitting with increased stability.

Let’s dig a little deeper! The Winnie technology is proficient enough to reduce the weight to a minimum, providing easy handling with an improved feel. You can throw significantly great shots with this feature. The package includes 13 heavy-duty golf grips and a rubber clamp for installation. Moreover, it consists of the solvent, so you don’t need to pay extra.


  • Complete set with all grips
  • Excellent fit design
  • Relatively affordable
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Premium quality material


  • Lacks installation instructions

Quick Buying Guide – Best Golf Grips for Sweaty hands

Various top-notch brands continuously make breathtaking records in the golfing community by manufacturing premium quality golf grips for sweaty hands. From Golf Pride’s unbeatable performance to Winn’s unrivaled quality, they have got your back with the brilliant experience.

But choosing the best golf grips for sweaty hands is still an intimidating task, no doubt. How will you make the right decision? Here’s a guide for you. Follow up the guide mentioned below to get the suitable model that suits all your needs.

Size: The foremost important thing to consider when getting a golf grip is its size. Nothing is worst than buying a wrong size grip that doesn’t fit your hands. It’s a complete waste of money, right? You will get inconsistency and false shots if the grips are small or too big. Let us show you this way! Golfers with big hands should get larger grips, while small ones work great for juniors or people with small hands.

Moisture Absorption: The second necessary thing to consider is the moisture absorption feature. The crucial element to look for is moisture absorption whenever you need a golf grip to keep your hands sweat-free when playing. You will get this technology in different types of grips but ensure to get it. Moisture-wicking technology can save you from many hurdles while making the game stress-free and lasting. Therefore, choose wisely by keeping this factor in consideration.

Style: You might think, why style, right? But trust me, many golfers look for types when purchasing a golf grip. And you know what? Golf grips complement the player’s appearance, so it’s necessary to look for a stylish model with all features combined. Many top-notch brands offer vibrant color options that will ultimately improve the club looks, trust me. The best option is to get a grip with aesthetical design and brilliant built-in quality to get the desirable experience.

Material and Durability: Another essential factor that needs your consideration is the material that ultimately decides the durability. Therefore, fabric plays a significant role in choosing the correct golf grip. Many golf grips feature 100% rubber construction that’s beneficial in making the grip durable and sturdy for prolonged use. The more durable the grip is, the more consistent usage you will get, seriously. However, many grips feature composite material construction that works wonders for people. The golf grip should be rain-resistant, so durability is the key to choosing the best golf grips for rain.

Soft or Firm: Lastly, look at whether the golf grip is soft or firm, as many grips are squishy to provide you increased performance. Many others are firm corded grips, and they help you grip the golf clubs tighter than the soft ones. It’s preferable to choose the one that suits you ideally as it’s a personal choice. Moreover, softer grips might wear out quickly and lack effective resistance to sweaty hands. As a result, consider the grip’s firmness before making a final decision.

The Bottom Line

Broad ranges of golf grips are available on the market, making it daunting to find the best golf grips for sweaty hands. That’s because sweaty hands are a significant reality whenever we talk about golf. There is no exaggeration in saying that it’s the thing we all come across, although some hands sweat more than others.

Remarkably, here the golf grip manufacturers have got you covered by making well-established golf grips for sweaty hands. Yes! You heard that right. But wait! Before choosing a golf grip, you have to keep your purpose in mind. That’s a plus point in choosing the suitable model.

Nothing can be worst than wrecking your game rounds only because of the moisture on your grips, right? You will find plenty of models with high-end performance and quality, seriously. We have mentioned seven top-quality models that prevent your hands from slipping. These models are compact with durable material helping you to use them without grips.

Are you confused? Well, we have made it more accessible. Here’s our recommendation that’s ideal in all manners and will not disappoint you.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 has brilliant built-in quality, aesthetics, and durability, making it one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands. This golf grip is the most suitable for beginners and professionals, from increased performance, soft feel to high-grade consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best golf grip for sweaty hands?

Are you looking for the best grips for irons? Getting the ideal one is a challenging task when you come across lots of top-notch brands. Only the best model can provide you the experience you desire. Now, what do you have to do? We have got you covered with our top pick!

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 is here with an innovative yet durable construction that’s no more than a treat for many players. It ensures to keep your hands dry while playing, making the game consistent for hours. Yes! That’s right. Furthermore, the excellent feel and improved performance make it an ideal option to choose, trust me.

Do corded grips work best for sweaty hands?

Generally, the corded grips come with a harsh feel, and some people don’t want it. But corded grips are tackier, mainly when the weather is wet. Simultaneously, non-corded grips work best for some people with their all-weather playing conditions. People who wear gloves also desire to get non-corded grips as it prevents moisture on your hands. However, it’s all up to you which type of grip you want to choose as it should suit you perfectly.

How long does a golf grip last?

No matter which golf grip you purchase, it all depends on you how you maintain the grip. Many people desire to change golf grips every year. That’s not because the grips lack durability, as many models offer significant durability and are proficient enough to last for extended periods. But wait! Whenever the club stops functioning perfectly, it’s time you have to replace the golf grips. It is crucial for exceptional functioning at the greenside with better control. You can change the grips with exclusive models which are compact and sturdy while keeping your hands sweat-free.

Is an entire golf grip kit is necessary to re-grip the clubs?

Although it’s unnecessary to purchase a grip kit whenever you want a replacement, buying a bundle will save a decent amount of money. It also makes the clubs work more consistently. When you don’t get a kit, you will only have one or two grips, and that’s completely difficult in creating consistency. Therefore, getting a golf grip kit will help you enhance the experience greatly while saving money.

What is a reliable way to clean your golf grips?

Cleaning the golf grips multiple times every year makes them lasting for consistent use. Oil and dirt accumulate inside the grips, making them harder to work. Moreover, cleaning the grips is an effortless and quick process with some instructions. Here are the steps you need to follow!

Get the ingredients, including dish soap, towel, and a scrub brush? Ensure that the brush is soft.
Mix this soap in warm water.
Now dip that brush in this solution to scrub the grip from all sides.
Rinse the soap and let the grip dry using a towel
Keep them for few hours before use

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